July 23, 2010

The Current-Worked Mind

I've been coming to an understanding about some things lately. For instance, Predators (the cinematic variety) may have awesome blade skills, but they see in low and slow infrared, while we humans (not just the cinematic variety) see at a higher energy level of the electromagnetic spectrum, so apparently that means we always get to win.

Looked at in a certain way, chemistry could be called The Before-and-After Study of Electrons. Ions have unique personalities, protons are smaller than we always thought, and atoms of the same type are not all the same mass, which means there is diversity all the way down. Not just turtles.

Altruism is not limited to humans, and altruism and morality vary depending on one's environment, and one's level of wealth. The search for alien life is really just the search for biological potential. The Maunder Minimum that is coming up in about a generation will not, from what we have gathered so far, offset man-made climate change. A few proteins matter a great deal. Moral illusions can cause suffering. Why is it again that believing, in the absence of evidence, is considered a virtue?

The universe has no particular axis, and the universe is isotropic. And it's probably flat. Lightning is the re-balancing of a charge build up. Every element has a color spectrum. Chemical bonds have unique geometries, and the orbitals of electrons have different shapes. In the beginning, there were oscillations in the plasma. Then things chilled out. In the end, entropy wins.

The wave-particle "duality" of photons is not really duality...its more like photon situational awareness/dance dance revolution. And nuclear physics is the interminable study of predicting the probability cloud of every fricking isotope of every fricking element. Why isn't physics called The Study of the Not Intuitively Knowable but Nonetheless Possibly Logically Explainable?

Spherules leave behind simple and beautiful imprints in sedimentary rocks. Nobody really knows what the people who lived on Easter Island back in the day were writing about. Some pain fibers, called C-LTMRs, are very easily activated and express a protein that creates a neural circuit that makes pain stick around much longer than is necessary. I think there is a correlation between C-LTMRs and anti-abortion protesters.

Dark City went there with re-imagined dreamscapes way before Inception, but The Lathe of Heaven went there even earlier. The clutch lever is my friend, and a high side fall means the rear tire of my motorcycle is out of alignment with my direction of travel. The signs of the zodiac are named after star groups that are on the same plane of travel as the moon and the sun.

When you are navigating your boat by the stars, you must remember to watch the wake, and take into account that the current is always pushing you, one way or another.

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